Spotlight on Leather Crafting

New Large Hole Semi-Precious Beads
They are versatile and exciting for their potential to add gemstones to playful and modern-boho designs on leather, cords and silks.
These beads are sold in packs of ten. There are 12 options.
In a bead store setting you could sell them individually.
Beads are linked here.
Nylon cord is linked here.
Great Social Media Post for Easter
Turn simple metal spoons into sparkly, colorful Easter Egg jewelry with
John Bead Preciosa Rhinestone Banding.
Link to banding is here.
Leather Crafting
If you have not looked lately, we do have an excellent assortment of leather crafting tools.

Leather punches are here.
Leather Shiver is here.
Leather Awls are here.
Leather lacing chisels are here.
Leather needles are here.
Leather embossing tool is here
Leather dyes and accessories are here.
New Hides, Sheep and Rabbit Fur Options
for Canadian Customers
Our largest purchase of calf, deer and goat hides has arrived at John Bead.
Our pricing for these new arrivals is excellent.
Colors include black, blue, brown, claret, light claret, cognac, green, olive, olive brown, tobacco and Sahara white.
New Arrivals are linked here.
All fur and leather is here.
We can not ship these products to the USA.
Sheep Skins 1kg Bag
Assorted Colors
Rabbit Fur Bag of 5 pcs Assorted Colors
Our Facebook group which hosts all of our project PDFs is thriving. Please share this great resource of free project PDFs with your customers.

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