About John Bead


Our story begins when Fritz and Betty John moved to Canada from the Czech Republic in 1953 In 1954 the business began with the desire to introduce the quality and timeless elegance of Czech crystal culture into the world of western DIY crafts and design.
The first products to be imported were pointed and cushion back stones that they hand set into brooches and sold as finished pieces then came Czech Seed Beads, continuing a tradition that began with Fritz’s parents who worked in those factories back home.
In 1989 Fritz took a well-deserved retirement and his son Mike, who had been an integral part of the business, became President

John Bead became known for its innovative product offerings, marketing promotions and sales programs
Increased sales, customer, and product growth necessitated a move to an 11,000 square foot building in East Toronto that would be their home until 1993
Over the years the company developed a large inventory of core products that ensured customer orders were processed quickly with high fill rates
The company has its own in-house design team developing products, packaging, displays and programs

We have over 1,200 solar panels
Generating 356,186 kilowatts per hour in one full year
In total, offsetting CO2 emissions by a whopping 800 tons per year

We manufacture and private label for many products across several industries
Above average quality and unique DIY products that are not easily found in the marketSourced from regions around the world such as Europe and Japan

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