New Dura-Line Thread and More!

Dura-line is made from highly durable polyethylene braided thread, one of the strongest fibers there is for this type of product. You can be confident that your designs will be secure whether you pass through a tiny hole once or several times for more complex patterns. It is pre-coated giving it a strong resistance to fraying.
Reviews of the thread include great comments about the threads flexibility and ability to hold a knot.


New Feathers, Trims and Embellishments

The 2020 collection for carnival, dance and costume designers is now arriving at John Bead. We have one more shipment of new arrivals next month but this link will take you to everything that we are already shipping to customers.
Link is here.
Feathers can only be shipped in Canada.


You can read a copy of our latest
catalog online!
The 2020 catalog features over 150 pages of new beads, findings and other unique items available at John Bead. Notably, the launch of our new Crystal Lane collection, new everyday findings, new chain and findings, a new bead box collection and several stellar new beads. 
If you are looking for a curated program, we have a Programs and Planograms supplement available also.
Link to the Latest 2020 is here.


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