New Crystal Lane Bicones and National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021 in Canada

Introducing Crystal Lane Bicones!
Crystal Lane bicones are the newest addition to the Crystal Lane DIY category.
There are 58 double strands in two sizes: 4mm and 6mm.
They are a fraction of the price compared to other bicones and you will be so impressed with how beautifully they look individually and in other beadwork applications. Our Crystal Lane brand is just right for the price-conscious buyer. We have excellent products, in generous piece counts, at affordable prices allowing designers to make more finished pieces in a wide variety of colors.
Take a Look at Our Crystal Lane Bicones and New Skulls
New Rainbow of Skulls Strands
These strands feature beads made of Glass, Ceramic and Reconstructed Turquoise.
Rainbow Skulls Bracelet Project
If you love the bracelet as much as we do, we know you will be happy to learn that we have a project PDF we can share.
The Right Angle Weave is one of the most popular bead stiches and Danielle Wickes used it to create the Rainbow Skull Bracelet.
Project PDF is here.
Everything Danielle used to make her bracelet is linked here.
Natural and Metal Cowrie Beads
The Metal bead options are Antique Gold, Matt Gold, Antique Silver and Matt Silver. All strands are here.
We have two sizes in the natural bead.
(natural strands we can not ship to the USA).
Our Facebook group which hosts all of our project PDFs is thriving. Please share this great resource of free project PDFs with your customers.

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