New Chain and Findings Collection and Masterpiece Bead Boxes!

Masterpiece Bead Box Collection

Our new bead box collection pays homage to great artists of the past. We hope they will inspire jewelers to create beautiful pieces in the future.
The Masterpiece glass bead box collection has been carefully curated to match the predominant colors in paintings considered to be iconic masterpieces on the world art stage.
Each box includes six unique glass beads. The beads are stored in our own “six pack” acrylic box, a John Bead exclusive. They are easy to see, and the box is handy storage once these beads have been used.
The artist and painting inspiring the collection has been added to the label so that you can learn more about any art you may not recognize.
Masterpiece collection in stock and shipping.


Chain and Findings

Our Chains and Findings collection is going to be met by a chorus of “finally, I can finish my project” type of comments. Jewelry makers often lament that they cannot find clasps and closures that match the color of the metal chain they have.
Our chains are packaged with the closures included, in a matching metal color, so that you can make a necklace or bracelet without hunting for extra supplies. Jump rings are included to set the lobster clasp closures. In the case of the ball chain, the matching specialty clasp is enclosed. We included two sets of closures per chain.
We have seven metal colors (with their matching findings) and seven unique chain options (rolo, ball, curb and oval cable) for each group in our new collection, for a total of 49 options.
The packaging provides industry standard lengths for necklaces on the reverse, so whether you want to make a choker or necklace there will be a guide for measurements. We have included 3 feet of chain on each header card.
Now in stock and shipping.