Miyuki Frosted Glazed Rainbow Beads Including 19 New Delicas Shipping

We have 15 new Frosted Glazed Rainbow
Miyuki beads in four sizes.

The new collection of Frosted Glazed Rainbow beads are here
including 19 new colors in Delica beads!
If you would like to review all the Frosted Glazed beads including Frosted Glazed/Rainbow Seed Beads, Frosted Glazed Rainbow Delicas and Frosted Glazed Delicas we have a link here.

The Earth’s history is truly like no other. Over millions and millions of years this land has formed and then reformed to reveal what we all know as the Grand Canyon.

The colorful stratified layers of rock composing the sides of the Grand Canyon change over the course of the day as the sun moves and the light transforms one scene into another leaving us with a view that takes your breath away.