Engraved Pip Beads, Aroma Pendants and Matt Semi-Precious

PRECIOSA Engraved Pip
Designers are excited to work with this larger 9 x 14 mm size bead available in metal plated and single-color finishes. When combined with the smaller PRECIOSA Pip™ beads, it provides extensive scope for the creation of colorful floral designs. You can give your glass costume jewelry or fashion accessories delicacy and elegance, for example, by using smaller sizes of PRECIOSA Rocailles.
Smell The Flowers Project PDF by
Helena Chmelíková
Sewn pin with PRECIOSA Engraved Pip
PDF linked here.
Good Thread is a durable nylon thread with a silky feel that resists tangles and fraying.
It is great for fringe work with its flowy texture and works up beautifully in peyote stitch and other bead weaving designs. Spools are a generous 500m.
Good thread is also sold in 10 packs.
Matt Semi-Precious Beads
Our matt collection is wonderful. So many beads look very different when they are not polished. This is very appealing for designers going for a natural, softer look. Colors are muted and the softer palette is seasonless.
Aroma Gems Diffuser Pendants
The sleek stainless steel tube pendant tops have either large or tiny diffuser holes in the cap that allow you to enjoy and benefit from your favorite essential oils throughout the day. Simply unscrew the cap and add several drops of essential oil directly inside. Alternatively, a few drops can be put onto a cotton ball or q-tip and insert inside. There are many other creative uses besides aromatherapy, such as holding tiny notes, sand, medication, and numerous others.
Entire collection is here.
Bead Boards
We do stock the extra long (21x8) bead board.
It is ideal for production work and to design longer necklaces.
All our bead boards are here.
PRIDE Statement Necklace
This month we are posting several fun PRIDE projects with Carlotta Carlisle.
When Carlotta arrived in our photography department for filming we surprised her with this amazing rainbow themed necklace. It is one of many statement necklaces designed by Lena Gillespie for John Bead.
She wire wrapped to her hearts content, as we gave her carte blanche
to surprise us with a PRIDE necklace.
The beads are all rainbow color Czech seed beads and the wire is from our aluminum wire collection.
Our Facebook group which hosts all of our project PDFs is thriving. Please share this great resource of free project PDFs with your customers.

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