From carnival and costumes to high-end fashion editorial magazines, feathers are being seen everywhere. They are perfect to add a light air of hipness to jewelry designs like earrings and Boho necklaces. We constantly continue to expand our selection of feathers. This organic product is perfect to add a touch of Mother Nature to your creations.

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Goose Feathers 5-7in Multi Mix (3 Headers x6g ea) Header image

Marabou Feathers 4-6in Multi Mix (3Headers x6g ea) image

Duck Wing Quill 3-4in Multi Mix (3Headers x 24pcs) image

Marabou Feathers Bulk Multi Mix image

Saddle Hackles Multi Mix (3Headers x 3g) image

Duck Quill 7in Multi Mix (3Headers x 12pcs) image

Marabou Feathers aprox. 4-6in Multi (aprx 100g) image

Goose Wing Quill Multi Bulk image

Goose Feather Strung 5.5-7in Value 1yd multi color/gold image