We Have A Brand New Website!

1.  You may now check out with a credit card online.
2.  Shipping costs are calculated and visible to you as you shop.
3.  Our products are in "easy to see" new categories that make sense for how you shop.  These are going to be expanded all week.
4.  We have a new SEARCH button that truly searches our whole site!
5.  We made "shop by color" and "shop by shape" a priority along with several other important attributes on our category sidebar.
6.  We have gathered our most important catalogs onto one page for you to read digitally along with our step-by-step projects.
7.  We have a NEW ARRIVALS category allowing you to see the latest items we have added almost ready to use!
8.  We are refreshing our Swarovski category and our Factory Packs are now at their lowest price ever.
We are looking forward to using this site for more sales, special discounts and promotions. 
This is the beginning of a new chapter at John Bead.
We'll work through any of the transition issues as quickly as we can so that you will enjoy the ease and speed of our new site quickly.


You will have received an email from John Bead explaining how to sign on to the new site with a temporary password.  We urge you to make your own new password as soon as you do.
We have heard from a few customers that their temporary passwords are not working.  Do not copy and paste the password as it is case sensitive.  It would be best to write it down and enter it again with your keyboard.
If you have any issues ordering or if we need to close the site for an hour or two please contact your salesperson so we can get an order out to you in the mean time.
[email protected]
(416) 757-3287 Extension 227
[email protected]
(416) 757-3287 Extension 231   
[email protected]
(416) 757-3287 Extension 267
[email protected]
(416) 757-3287 Extension 266

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