Unicorn Tears, Boho Bangles and a Twin Anniversary

Get Ready For Terra Intensive Season!
11 intensive colors that are ideal for summer days.
Do you like beautiful colors such as magenta, purple or lime or earthy tones like brown or chocolate?
This special bead process involves surface finishes in 11 shades on chalk ranging from clear yellow through to chocolate brown. You can combine these bright colors to create attractive and highly absorbing patterns.
Preciosa Terra Intensive beads are linked here.

Unicorn Tears for Nail Art
Preciosa Crystal Faerie is composed of tiny crystal balls and double-cones, each sized, shaped and polished to shimmering perfection. Preciosa double-cones provide the largest surface area and account for the highest composition ratio of similar products for nails, which means that the colors are truer, the shine is brighter, and the overall impact is higher.
The Unicorn Tears are here.
Application Instructions are here.
Preciosa Maxima
We continue to add to our online catalog new Preciosa products.
Our Maxima collection includes Pearls, Pointed Back Chatons,
 Flat Back Rhinestones, Sew-On Stones and Pendants and Drops.
Our Maxima chatons are here.
Our Maxima nacre pearls are here.
Maxima flatbacks are here.

Twin Beads – Ten Year Anniversary 
We are putting a fresh spotlight on this ground breaking two-hole bead introduced in 2011. Happy Anniversary Twin beads!
HOW to Make Jewelry - Boho Bangles 2021 - The New Friendship Bracelet

Boho Bangles with Mark Montano
Scrap fabrics & gorgeous beads from John Bead make wonderful Boho Bangles...They look amazing stacked and make the perfect friendship bracelet! Mark's video is a great mini workshop to create an adult class or kids class this summer.
New Semi-Precious Home Décor
We have a new selection of bookends, wine stoppers, candle holders and coasters.
Link to collection is here.
Our Facebook group which hosts all of our project PDFs is thriving. Please share this great resource of free project PDFs with your customers.
John Bead is adhering to best practices and social distancing and continues to process and ship orders. Our Showroom will remain closed.


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