Three-Cut Beads, Tulip Needles, and more Rola

PRECIOSA Three-Cut Beads 
Czech seed beads in the shape of a short cut cylinder are called PRECIOSA Three-Cut Beads (also known as PRECIOSA Three-Cuts or PRECIOSA 3cuts). They are made using a similar technology to PRECIOSA Two-Cut Beads, i.e. by cutting glass tubes with a round hole and a hexagonal surface.
After this process, the are cut again on special cutting wheels while strung on a wire which results in the reduction of the edges at the ends of the seed beads and the cutting of several randomly placed facets.
Each PRECIOSA Three-Cut Bead has a unique shape.

About Tulip Needles
These high quality needles are produced at Tulip's own factory in Hiroshima. The "Made in Hiroshima" label is proof of a high-quality needle that is rooted in Hiroshima's history and traditional needle-making techniques. 

A quality eye
The needles have a somewhat larger needle eye, with a smooth surface both inside and out.
Strong body
With just the right amount of flexibility, the needles are resistant to bending or breaking.
Sharp point
The needle's points have undergone special high-density abrasive polishing treatment for sharpness.
Smooth piecing enables easy sewing
You can stitch for hours with less fatigue.

The cylindrical shape of thick glass tubes with a large hole is used and divided into shorter segments. Your playful nature will enjoy the carnival of colors.  The first group of Rola beads have arrived and we will continue to add to this collection throughout 2019.

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