Swarovski News, Crystals and Thanksgiving Wishes

The news from Swarovski this Fall has been difficult to receive for many.
Swarovski has decided to re-align its B2B business model and will focus on fewer segments in the luxury, accessories, fashion & selective niches going forward.
In the course of the year 2021 Swarovski will also streamline its global distribution strategy and withdraw from offering Swarovski® components that are tailored for the DIY and nails retail segment.
John Bead is a Swarovski Master Distributor. We have enjoyed and appreciated our longstanding relationship.
Swarovski has allowed us to make a substantial order right now and we will be working with them well into 2021 on additional orders. We are well stocked currently and will make sure our customers have the chance to make their own larger stock-up overs over the next 8-10 months.

This gorgeous memory wire bracelet is showcasing our Crystal Lane beads beautifully! Our new petite size beads can be used on our memory wire.
Here is a link to all the items Nancy used. 

Crystal Lane
Our new petite size is 1.5 x 2.5 mm beads can be used on memory wire.
Our glass bead double strands (two 7 inch strands per header for twice the beads) are available in stunning clear, opal and opaque colors now in five sizes.
Other Crystal Lane bead sizes: 3x4mm, 4x6mm, 6x8mm and 8x10mm