Swarovski Fall Winter 2020/2021 New Products

"Whether it be love of the past, embracing the moment, entertaining the extreme or abandoning yourself to the whims of nature,
we aim to “love all”.
Because, if you ask us, nothing is more emotionally connecting, empowering or uplifting than love.
We hope you enjoy them, as much as we did creating them." 
Swarovski 2020/2021

Our entire 2020/2021 collection is linked here.
Some Items are Now In Stock and more Arriving Weekly!

Two new pearl effects inspired by autumn berries:
Elderberry and Mulberry Pink.
Perfect for feminine and romantic looks.
Six sizes from 3mm to 12mm.
2020/2021 Pave Cabochon
NEW Cabochon Pavé

The striking Cabochon Pavé combines the silky luster of pearls with the contrasting tactility of pavé to create beautiful contemporary designs. Use it as an eye-catching standalone centerpiece in statement jewelry or to give a twist to fashion items. With a flatter shape than the Pavé Ball, Cabochon Pavé can be glued onto a variety of surfaces, making it perfect for buttons, eyewear and accessories.
Such an easy application method makes it ideal for DIY projects, too.
We added forty new colors.

New Crystal Lacquer Pro Delight New Effects
Increased sparkle and light return and highlighted facets show the depth and clarity of crystal. We added twenty five new colors.

Crystal Rice Pearl
Crystal Rice Pearl’s small size and smooth contours make it popular for use in seed beading, as well as offering exciting beading looks for simple jewelry pieces. This makes it a favorite for the DIY community. It also complements the delicate embroidery used in bridal, evening and traditional wear, and it works beautifully with other Swarovski crystals such as Crystal Beads and Pendants. In addition to beading, it can be used for additional creative application techniques, like sewing, knitting, crocheting, threading, weaving, knotting, and wire working.
We added ten new colors.

Introducing Amethyst Shimmer and Rose Peach Shimmer.
Seventeen new skus.

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