Spotlight on Czech Pony Beads!

Preciosa Maxima
We continue to add to our online catalog new Preciosa products.
Our Maxima collection includes Pearls, Pointed Back Chatons,
 Flat Back Rhinestones, Sew-On Stones and Pendants and Drops.
Our Maxima chatons are here.
Our Maxima nacre pearls are here.
Maxima flatbacks are here.
Great Pricing Alert!
We have a special bag of 9mm crow, also known as pony beads, that are priced 25% lower than single color bead packs.
This mixed bead bag is perfect for kits, classes and store demos. We have a video showing you how to make one of summer's most popular bracelets.
Beads are linked here.
Our glass bezel collection now has lower pricing. Linked here.
Join Brenda Schweder this Thursday for the TriLoop Connector workshop on Facebook.
[Sometimes it’s just nice to have a wire element with enough pizazz (did I really just type pizazz?) to complement a statement crystal
this gorgeous! The shape is lovely on its own, but strong enough to dance with the glimmer and refraction of large facets in this
strong Bermuda Blue! …. ]
Facebook link is here.
Recordings of previous workshops and project PDFS are here.
Our Facebook group which hosts all of our project PDFs is thriving. Please share this great resource of free project PDFs with your customers.

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