Spinning Bead Bowls, Gold Findings, and Crystal Motifs and Appliques

One of the tools that always has a "wow" factor is the "Spinning Bead Bowl." It is an older tool that many new designers have yet to discover.
All you have to do is demo it because it truly is a timesaver.
We have a new video showing you how easy it is to use the Bead Spinner.
Links to everything Danielle featured in the video are here.
We have a new collection of gemstones in a shape that will be a stunning addition to our semi-precious category.
10mm bead - 5mm hole
They are versatile and exciting for their potential to add gemstones to playful and modern-boho designs on leather, cords and silks. You can add one, ten or many more to create one of a kind jewelry.
2021 large hole semi-precious beads are linked here.
Ivory Nylon Beading and Knotting Cord 0.8mm
1.5mm leather cord used is here.
Crystal Motif and Appliques
They can be used for costume and clothing embellishing and jewelry making. In our latest video with Carlotta Carlisle she shows you how she breaks up a rhinestone applique to turn it into something new.
All motifs and appliques are here.
Our new 18K Gold Plated findings collection consists of an assortment of designs that are most desired by jewelry makers.  You will be able to complete a set of jewelry with high quality findings including Fishhooks, Spring Ring Clasps, Lobster Clasps, Jump Rings, Headpins, Eye Pins, Ball Head Pins, Earring Levers and Pin Bails. Our retail ready clamshell packaging makes it easy to see the type of finding and the generous quantities we were able to enclose.  It also acts as safe storage as you can open and then close these plastic packs.
Link to 18K gold findings
Our Facebook group which hosts all of our project PDFs is thriving. Please share this great resource of free project PDFs with your customers.

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