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About John Bead

John Bead Corporation has been sourcing and distributing beads, tools and jewelry components from around the world for over sixty years. We enjoy developing innovative new products for the DIY jewelry making community.

Contest Idea

Do you have an idea for a new gadget?

If you do, and have a dream to see your concept manufactured we would love to see your ideas.

Contest opens November 7, 2017 and closes February 28, 2018.

1st Prize is $500

(or a $500 shopping spree on our wholesale website)

Plus, a credit to you will appear on the packaging if we manufacture your design.

*Currency is US dollar

Qualifying for Our Contest

We would like to keep this entry as simple and straightforward as possible. All concepts must be submitted via email to [email protected] by February 28, 2018. Submissions without the entire Entry Form Agreement completed will be disqualified.

  • Make sure you have reviewed our criteria for entry and be sure to cut and paste your entry form content in your emailed submission.
  • Attach no more than four images to your email submission.
  • You may enter more than once, but you must submit separate gadget submissions.
  • Contest open to anyone in the world with an original concept.
  • Winners will be notified once John Bead Corp has completed all necessary legal reviews. We would like to make the formal announcement in the spring of 2018.

Criteria For Entry

Your emailed submission must include:
  • Describe for us the gadget.
  • Describe for us why this gadget is needed or why it would be useful.
  • Describe for us how you came to this original idea.
  • Please submit a JPEG image/sketch (does not have to be computer generated) of your gadget design.
  • Be sure to include the Entry Form content below in the email.

(Cut and paste everything below and add to your email submission)

Entry Form Agreement

Your Name:

Your City and Country:

Your Email:

Are You a John Bead Corp customer? If you are, may we have: Your Company Name and Customer Number:

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in designing a gadget.

Describe for us gadget and how it would work.

Describe for us how you came to this original idea.

If you could name the gadget yourself, what would you name it?

Please confirm you have read the following points (#1 through #8) by adding your name and “I understand” after the following statement:
  1. I am submitting an original concept I have designed myself.
  2. I have not submitted this gadget idea to any other manufacturers prior to this contest.
  3. I understand that by submitting this concept to the John Bead Corp “Next Great Gadget” contest that I cannot submit this concept to any other manufacturer for the entire duration of the contest.
  4. I understand that should my gadget submission qualify to win that the John Bead Corporation would own the final design.
  5. I also understand that while I will receive recognition for the design, the gadget itself will be labeled John Bead.
  6. I understand that John Bead Corp will need to ensure that the gadget is truly unique by reviewing trademarks and other copyright concerns.
  7. I understand that John Bead Corp may need to alter the design based on prototype developments and other engineering developments.
  8. I understand my sketch may be featured in company newsletters or social media announcements.
Your name added here and please type, “I Understand the Entry Form Agreement.”



Email a copy of this Entry form with your gadget sketch to [email protected]

*Attach a JPEG image/sketch (does not have to be computer generated) of your gadget

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