Ruby for December!

Czech Glass Microbeads
The current offer consists of 31 colors, including three metallic finishes; silver, bronze and copper. Colored microbeads can be applied to transparent or opaque bases of various types. As such, they can be used in unconventional stained glass work, mandalas, to achieve the flocking effect or in decorations when painting on skin or modelling nails. You can also use microbeads in creative workshops. All you need is an idea and clever hands to realise it!
The optical properties of the microbeads can be put to excellent use on Christmas decorations. Ornaments sprinkled with transparent microbeads sparkle beautifully when the Christmas tree is well lit.  

Our Rola bead collection is growing monthly as each new color and size arrives at John Bead. Designers will love creating with the PRECIOSA Rola™, which we offer in three sizes and a wonderful range of colors.
The PDF to make this necklace linked here. We do not always have all the products shown but are happy to share the project with you.

Shipping Before the Holidays
The last day to place your order to ensure we ship
before our Christmas closure is: 
December 16th, 2019
Our showroom is closed December 23 and reopens January 2, 2020.

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