Our Wonderful European Wood Beads for Jewelry, Macrame, Home Decor and More!

When it comes to wood beads our assortment cannot be beat!
Our favorite wood beads are European made.
Excellent wood beads crafted in Europe with gorgeous colors and with an attention to making the holes as perfect as possible.

Big Hole Wood Beads
The bead of choice for macrame projects in many sizes and colors.

Classic Round Wood Beads
Our round bead collection is the most popular and available in many colors and sizes.

Unique Shape Wood Beads
We have numerous other shapes and sizes of wood beads also.
Spaghetti and oval shown in photo are here.
Tube shapes retail ready are here
Heart linked here.
Flowers linked here
Mixed shapes linked here
Square linked here.

Bulk Bags
If you need larger quantities we also have our wood beads in bulk bags of 500 or 1000 pieces. All bulk bags linked here.

Macrame Cord
Our macrame cords are all linked here.
Masterpiece Bead Box Hoop Art

Masterpiece Bead Box Hoop Art Video Step by Step
A simple overview:
-how to photocopy artwork onto fabric, 
-how to place it in a hoop
-how to stitch beads to it

Pack your bags because you are invited to embark on a six month journey around the world to celebrate Swarovski’s 125th anniversary! Each place we visit will bring new inspirations, sparkling color combinations, and beautiful Swarovski inspirational projects.
We will post a special project each month in a PDF format that will make it easy to create something special. PDFs will be on our blog and in our new Facebook group Bead Projects and PDFs from John Bead.

A Few Reminders
Thank you for your patience.
Our shipping times will be longer than usual as we are working with a skeletal staff.
Feel free to reach out to your sales representatives who are working remotely and if you do not have one, you can contact [email protected] regarding orders or general inquiries [email protected].
We ask that you use email for all your communications with us.
Our showroom and the Outlet will remain closed.
We can not allow any visitors in the building.
Thank You for your loyalty for 65 years.  
Stay Safe.
John Bead Management and Family
You can read a copy of our latest
supplement online.
This year we have acquired some super embellishments for costume designers. They join our already large catalog of trims and components that designers love.
New items for 2020 include: Trims, Glass & Resin Stones, Crystal Motifs, Elastic Glitter Ribbon, Acrylic Chain, Diamante Mesh, Geo Stones, Goose Feathers, Fringe, Round Sequins
Link to the supplement PDF is also here.

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