New Swarovski Crystal Electric LacquerPRO

The inspiration comes from an exuberant tropical spectrum- a heightened sense of color that transforms the performer into a vibrant bird of paradise. It's a strategy focused on ensuring that the dancer captures-and holds-an audience from the second they step into the spotlight. The aim is to drench the senses in color, exuberant prints, densely encrusted crystals, and materials that move. The result is phenomenal tactile designs. 
The designs are mesmerizing. They bridge the gap between stage and judging panel with myriad new creative possibilities, enhancing a costume's competitive advantage.

Hello Rose!
Arriving Soon
Preciosa Ornela now offers your favourite PRECIOSA Candy™ Pressed Beadin the new PRECIOSA Candy Rose variant. The well-known two-hole, low cabochon with a round base with a diameter of 8 and 12 mm is now highlighted with engraving at the top arches so that it resembles a rose.
This new version enables the creation of contrast when it is combined with the smooth original bead. The traditional shallow curvature in the lower section, similar to that in the PRECIOSA Candy™ Pressed Bead, greatly simplifies sewing around the bead and stringing it with other beads of the same type or indeed using it with other seed beads and selected beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand.

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