New Storage for Just about Everything and New Products for Carnival, Costume and Dance Designers

New and Wonderful Storage!
A stack and snap storage system for all the things that bring you joy.
Includes lids for all trays allowing you to use each tray stacked or individually.
Ideal for beadwork, crafts, sewing kits, collectibles and so much more.
Five different box configurations.
Link to collection on website is here.
Link to a PDF about the collection is here.

New Feathers, Trims and Embellishments
The 2020 collection for carnival, dance and costume designers is now arriving at John Bead. We have one more shipment of new arrivals next month but this link will take you to everything that we are already shipping to customers.
Link is here.
Feathers can only be shipped in Canada.

Glass Microbeads
Microbeads are also ideally suited for hobby sets and the most diverse range of artistic creative work. Microbeads can also be used to achieve colour surface finishes. The current offer consists of 31 colors, including three metallic finishes; silver, bronze and copper.
Colored microbeads can be applied to transparent or opaque bases of various types. As such, they can be used in unconventional stained glass work, mandalas, to achieve the flocking effect or in decorations when painting on skin or modelling nails. You can also use microbeads in creative workshops. All you need is an idea and clever hands to realise it!
Linked here.


You can read a copy of our latest catalog online!
The 2020 catalog features over 150 pages of new beads, findings and other unique items available at John Bead. Notably, the launch of our new Crystal Lane collection, new everyday findings, new chain and findings, a new bead box collection and several stellar new beads. If you are looking for a curated program, we have a Programs and Planograms supplement available also.
Link to the Latest 2020 is here.

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