New for 2020 - Allow Us to Introduce the New Preciosa Terra Intensive Seed Beads!

The Terra Intensive Bead Collection
2020 begins with the release of a new group of Preciosa Czech beads appropriately named “Intensive.” These 11 eye-popping colors are a designer’s dream come true. The rich and deep hues of blue, pink, green, light green, yellow, red, rose, orange, purple, brown and dark brown are available right now in 6/0 and 10/0s.

They will give a color boost to any project in very tempting color options. These deeply radiant colors work beautifully together and with all the other beads you already love. The terra coating technology from Preciosa means they are more durable with a brilliant lasting finish.
This is just the first wave of seed beads for this collection. 
Throughout the year we will be adding strung beads and vials along
with more 10/0 and size 11/0, 8/0 and 2/0.

Valentine’s Day Amulet Bag
We are ecstatic with this new project featuring the Rola bead from Debra! While we are launching it timed to Valentines Day, it is truly timeless. We love the idea of this amulet bag holding a special semi-precious stone, a momento or other secrets. It will look wonderful in other color waves and we can’t wait to see what our friends and followers will create with it.
Our blog post will share a link to the Free PDF and a link to products used.
4.5mm Rola Beads linked here.
All Rola Beads linked here.


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