Maxima and More!

Preciosa Maxima
We continue to add to our online catalog new Preciosa products.
Our Maxima collection includes Pearls, Pointed Back Chatons,
 Flat Back Rhinestones, Sew-On Stones and Pendants and Drops.
Our Maxima chatons are here.
Our Maxima nacre pearls are here.
Maxima flatbacks are here.
Below is some information comparing Maxima to Viva 12
for anyone who purchases flatbacks regularly.


Crystal Lane Flatbacks
They are ideal for any and all application options. They are wonderful on fabric or paper. Crystal flatbacks are great for many home décor upcycles.
This plain journal now really sparkles with extra bling glued to the cover.
Crystal Lane Flatback Collection is here.
Introducing Good Thread - Bead Weaving Thread
Good thread is a durable nylon thread with a silky feel that resists tangles and fraying. It is great for fringe work with its flowy texture and works up beautifully in peyote stitch and other bead weaving designs.
The retail ready packaging has been designed to make it easy to select needles that work best with the thread and includes description of the best bead weaving techniques to use it with. 500 meter spools.
We also sell it as a spool-only option in bags of ten.
Linked here.
New Semi-Precious Home Décor
We have a new selection of bookends, wine stoppers, candle holders and coasters.
Link to collection is here.
Bee and Honeycomb Strands
These adorable Bee and Honeycomb 5inch strands come in 7 varieties.
A mix of materials and shapes, all the beads separate for endless combinations.
Our Facebook group which hosts all of our project PDFs is thriving. Please share this great resource of free project PDFs with your customers.
John Bead is adhering to best practices and social distancing and continues to process and ship orders. Our Showroom will remain closed.

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