John Bead Czech Seed Beads and Goodfelt for Bead and Button Final Issue

We had been planning a special advertisement with a matching downloadable project PDF for a few weeks when we discovered that this would be the last advertisement in the final issue of Bead and Button magazine.
The project PDF to make Rosettes and Badges will not be available to consumers until August 24 but we wanted to send you a link to an advance copy in case you might like to prepare kits or order the Czech Beads and Goodfelt featured.

Beaded Rosettes and Badges
The advance copy of the PDF is linked here.
Beaded Rosette - Style One
John Bead Czech Beads. Goodfelt and tools used linked here.

 Beaded Rosette - Style Two
John Bead Czech Beads, Goodfelt and tools used linked here.

 Bead Embroidered Necklace
John Bead Czech Beads, Recipe Box, Goodfelt and tools used are linked here.
Goodfelt Beading Foundation is linked here.
John Bead Czech Seed Beads are linked here.



The three projects featured in the project PDF designed for John Bead by Danielle Wickes