Introducing 3-Hole Czech Glass Cali

Cali is a 3-­-hole bead made of Czech glass measuring 3x8 mm. It is available in over 50 colors and special effects. This new bead will showcase seed beads spectacularly, which are the staple of designer pieces that illustrate bead-­-weaving techniques.
Cali is curved on both sides boasting a double concave surface, which gives the consumer the ability to use it as a spacer or as structural pillar. The creative beader will construct complex shapes, making the possibilities endless.
John Bead is thrilled to introduce a new shaped bead to the DIY industry. British/Colombian designer Patty McCourt designed this new bead. Mrs. McCourt is considered a seed bead designer extraordinaire and named her bead after her hometown.

If you would like to make the beautiful Twisted Rope project featuring in our magazine advertisements and banner we have a PDF attached which was designed by Patty McCourt.

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