Fiber Craft Bead, Swarovski Light Topaz and Ginkgo

Our Fiber Craft Bead Collection

Knitting and crocheting with beads has become very popular.  Our new program is an easy way to include a bigger bead into your store.
* 40 packages of 7.5 sized beads
* Priced so that selecting more than one color is affordable
* These are special Czech glass beads and can not be made in China

Take a look at all the ways these beads could be strung.


The Psychology of Colors
Energetic and joyful, Light Topaz expresses the sun's brightness, warmth and light. It's the color of ideas and dreams, stimulating creativity and boosting confidence, as well as clearing the mind, reviving the spirit, and encouraging us to live life to the fullest.

We have a wonderful project PDF for these earrings ready for you to download on our website.

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