February Is All About the Heart

Hearts abound in Nancy's newest charm filled three strand bracelet. The charms are easily created with our glass beads and headpins. What made it easy was that Nancy used the Berry Smooth bead mix which is filled with hearts. Everything Nancy used is linked here.
Lovely and layered. The trend towards mixed media style "Neckmess" jewelry is growing. Happily, Nancy enjoys pulling beads, chains and pendants from a variety of categories. She used everything from Czech pearls to Crystal Lane beads and pendants for this fresh for spring layered necklace.
Everything featured is linked here.
New Large Hole Semi-Precious Beads
They are versatile and exciting for their potential to add gemstones to playful and modern-boho designs on leather, cords and silks.
Preciosa Rhinestone Banding
This product features high quality crystals set in plastic banding. The banding allows you to apply long stretches of crystal sparkle to fabrics for both fashion and costume embellishment. It is a faster application than hand stitching or gluing one crystal at a time. Crystal banding can also be used like regular rhinestone chain around jewelry components and beadwork. It is easy to stitch through a beading foundation such as Goodfelt for unique finished edging.
We sell it on ten-meter cards and in 1 meter retail-ready packaging.
We try not to play favorites, but for a few of us, this is our favorite heart in the John Bead catalog. It is gorgeous.
Lamp pendant with loop.
Our Facebook group which hosts all of our project PDFs is thriving. Please share this great resource of free project PDFs with your customers.

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