Crystal Lane, Matte Semi-Precious and Rosary Bead Cord Back in Stock!

Crystal Lane Strands
Our Crystal Lane bead strand collection is a sparkling kaleidoscope of color. Crystal Lane is going to fill the need for a crystal collection that is both affordable and an exceptional quality at our value pricing. 
*There are 58 colors
*Two seven-inch strands per card.
*Four sizes and high piece counts.
*Fifth size launching in the spring 1.5X2.5MM
New Matt Semi-Precious Beads
Matt gemstones look unpolished and have a softer appearance. In fact, it takes longer to craft matt beads as they require additional tumbling to get this “frosted” surface. The description we landed on is that they feel almost velvety. Matt rose quartz is lovely and a pastel color you may find more appealing.  They can be paired with softer fibers, light colored suedes and other stringing materials. They are also right on trend for men’s jewelry.
Available on retail ready cards or 16in strands.
Glass Pendants with dried flowers are here.
Beads featured are Matte Agate Red/Green

Rosary Bead Cord Back In Stock!
The "must have" 1mm Rosary beading cord is now back in stock. We have also added a green thread option for anyone wishing to work with darker beads, military projects and donations or if you desire a color from nature in your knots.
624 yards per spool.

Swarovski Spring/Summer 2021!
We will be sending a special email featuring our collection shortly.
In the meantime, we have placed all the videos showcasing the new products and themes on our Facebook page.
SS21 is all about embracing and applauding those moments that allow you to shine. Enchanting cosmic colors, dreamy pastels and amped-up brights are balanced by classic cuts and transformative shapes. Eccentricity and activism are brought to life in brilliant crystals that are both timely and trans-seasonal. There are moments when we need to stand still, and time when we need to shine. This is the time to shine.

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