Brand New 2 Hole Diamond Bead Project PDF

PRECIOSA ORNELA introduced its new quality cutting technology for the production of traditional Czech seed beads. The main advantage of this technology is its increased precision, which enables the better adherence to the dimensions of the seed beads.

The first registered seed bead manufactured using this technology is the PRECIOSA Rola™. The cylindrical shape of thick glass tubes with a large hole is used and divided into shorter segments. Your playful nature will enjoy the carnival of colors predominantly from the ranks of the exclusive rocaille range, which especially includes PRECIOSA Rocailles with stripes and PRECIOSA Cornelian.


Twisted Crystal Spotlight

This is the newest Crystal Lane Twisted Crystal bracelet by Lena Gillespie. The strands were inspired by the Anthurium plant. According to Feng Shui, Anthuriums attract positive energy. Anthuriums are lucky plants and they bring good luck in your relationships. The anthurium flower is known universally as a symbol of hospitality, as this exotic beauty thrives in nearly any location in the home or office. We are sure Lena's bracelet will bring luck to the wearer.


Free Project PDF

Our latest project PDF by Debra Schwartz is like a master class in bead making. She has gone out of her way to show numerous techniques and color waves so that our Saturated Beads look incredible in all jewelry applications. She features the 2hole Diamond bead in her projects.


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