Beads, Beads and More Beads!

Color Trend Beads were created to 
make life easier for designers!
When you pick any bead in this collection you'll know that you can get the matching color in all the other shapes available too!
There are 9 color trends linked here.

New Beaded Focal Connectors

Necklace designed by Lena Gillespie

Our collection of handmade beaded focal connectors feature Japanese seed beads. They have been designed to be connected to other components or embellished with additional bead work.

Our First Ginkgo Bead Step by Step

The fan shape is distinctive and fresh.
Often misspelled Ginko, this beautiful leaf deserves its day in the sun!
Inspired by the natural curves of the ginkgo leaf, the bead provides an elegant shape for your beaded designs. The Ginkgo has two parallel holes that make the beads fit together perfectly side by side and also pairs well with other bead shapes.
Link to beads on our website here.
Link to the project step by step here.

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