Announcing the New Ginkgo Leaf Bead!

It is a large two-hole bead.
7.5 x 7.5mm
Manufactured by the same company that created the SuperDuo!

The Ginkgo Leaf Bead will be on our website shortly. 
We wanted to give our customers advance notice as you begin to plan your next order.

The fan shape is distinctive and fresh.
Sometimes spelled Ginko, this beautiful leaf deserves its day in the sun!

Inspired by the natural curves of the ginkgo leaf, the Ginkgo Leaf Beadprovides an elegant shape for your beaded designs. The Ginkgo has two parallel holes that make the beads fit together perfectly side by side and also pairs well with other bead shapes. 


This is the first finished necklace featuring the bead with many other beads you know and love.  We can't wait to see what designers create with it and look forward to seeing the Ginkgo Leaf bead being incorporated with other beads. 

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