An Absolute Essential - The Preciosa Candy Rose Bead


Available in two sizes:  8mm and 12mm.
The well-known, two-hole, low cabochon with a round base with a diameter of 8 and 12 mm is now highlighted with engraving at the top arches so that it resembles a rose.
This new version enables the creation of contrast when it is combined with the smooth original bead.
Make use of the options provided by these low, two-hole cabochons, and supplement them with PRECIOSA Rocailles in a suitable colors or combine them with other popular shaped beads.
A single bead will make an impact.

Sweet and Petite Charms
These enamel charms can be used by jewelry makers and paper crafters.  They are also ideal for paper crafting and sewing projects.
72 Unique Skus

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